Monday, September 10, 2012

Manic Monday Mania!

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Ok folks, I went to bed at 6 am and I am up again at 10:30 am.... Now what is wrong with this picture? I am just about dawg dead tired! No break from the twins last night that is for sure. Keith is at home and he got up when Lil Keith woke up and I thought he come into the living room to watch the twins while I got some sleep.... well guess what? He didn't , he slapped in Toy Story 2 and went to go sleep in Lil Keith's bed. So in a groggy haze I woke up to Elijah screaming his head off in the swing. When I finally cleared the fog out of my head I went in search of Keith, I was very disappointed to see him in bed. There are times when I just do not understand men. Normally he is not like this. The only thought in my head right now is that I really dread when he is old enough to have a mid life crisis! 

I was suppose to have the Terminix man here at noon today to spray for ants both inside and outside of the house. I had to reschedule that. I am too tired and if I get both of the twins back to sleep I am taking Lil Keith and going back to bed! 

Since I am quite sure that we are going to have a bit of an argument over this I chose Pat Benatar's  "Love is a Battlefield" for the Manic Monday Mania video of the day!

I hope everyone else is having a better Monday than I am!


  1. I hate mondays something always seems to go wrong! Thanks for the follow, I already follow you :)

    1. LOL yes it seems that Monday's are days for thing to go wrong. Thanks for stopping by! I enjoy your blog.