Monday, September 10, 2012

Hello There

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Well folks the weekend is now over for me. 

I have been taking it easy this week so that means I have not been online very much. I will be making that up this week. I am re-cooping great since my surgery.  This week will be a very busy week. Little Keith will be 3 on the 17th and we are having his party this Saturday (15th). I am preparing for that and trying to get as much work done online as I can. The weather has continued to be hot and muggy. This evening was a great exception. It felt good outside when I went out earlier. I am hoping that this continues. I don't want cold weather but decent weather that will not make you melt each time you go outside. 

The twins stood up yesterday for the first time. They are growing so fast. Both of them are crawling up a storm now. I will try to get a picture of them standing so that I can post it online. Little Keith is still the best big brother. When we go into the grocery store he will tell people that "those are his babies". It is very cute. They all three are growing very fast and giving me a run for my money. 

With the approach of Fall and the holidays I am trying to get the house situated. Before my surgery I did a major cleaning of the kitchen and living areas. This week I sorted through the clothes for the twins. They are growing so fast that I had to switch out sizes for them. (Thank goodness I still have a majority of Lil Keith's clothes for them to wear.) This week I will tackle Lil Keith's closet and dresser. 

I have some of my Fall decorations up & I will try to get pictures taken this week to post. We are also going to try to get out Fall/Winter garden going. I have some garlic bulbs to plant and I think I will plant some lettuce and carrot seeds as well. Not sure about anything else. The holiday are approaching fast. I think this Christmas will be a good one for us. 

I hope everyone else had a great weekend and that you will have a good week!

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