Saturday, September 22, 2012

Crazy Happenings Around my Home

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Normally I post at least a few times a week but last week and the beginning of this week was crazy. Last week I was preparing for Lil Keith's 3rd Birthday Bash! I had to clean the house and get all of the details for the party complete, order the cake and get all of the decorations for the Spiderman theme. It turned out to be a great party! I will post pictures soon. 

To top that off I had the added extra stress of an uncontrollable ant problem. They have always been outside around in the yard but they decided to take up residence in my guest bathroom and in the kitchen. I tried everything from natural home remedies to the store bought ant traps and spray chemicals (bathroom only) but nothing stopped the little busy bodies. We relented and called
Terminix. They come out and the ant problem was gone before the party! YES!! 

Thrown in all of the crazy happenings went the normal every day happenings as well. The twins never let me get any sleep. They both stay up until four or five in the morning. Big Keith is working 12 hour shifts from 6pm to 6am now so he is not home often. I get the brunt of the twins daily Monday through Friday and it is wearing on me. Of course you throw in potty training Lil  Keith and the house cleaning and laundry and it all equals to one tired Mama! 

Finally after a successful party on Saturday and a relaxing Sunday it decides to rain. It rained hard too! Of course my internet went out when this happened and I had to wait for the phone company to come fix it. They sure don't mind billing you for services but they are rather slack when it comes to fixing the problem and God forbid if the problem happens on a Friday or the weekend. It will not get fixed until the middle of the next week if that is the case. I really wish that the cable company would run lines down our road... The essence of living in the country I guess. It has Major Pluses but it also has a few Major Downers too. 

In a nut shell that has been my past week and a half. I hope to be back on top of things next week! 

Enjoy your weekend!

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