Saturday, September 22, 2012

Lil Keith is 3!

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I thought I would set this post in a nice bright red to go along with the Spiderman theme that we had at Lil Keith's 3rd birthday party last Saturday. It is amazing that he is growing up so fast. He was born on September 17th 2009. They decided to induce me with him because I had such a problem with my blood pressure. The beginning was easy. Then when I went into actual labor he got stuck. His shoulder was stuck and he was losing oxygen fast. A doctor stat  order was called to our birthing room. The midwife was actually on the bed with me trying to get him out and Big Keith almost broke my right leg pulling it so hard. It all ended well with Lil Keith weighing in at 10.5 pounds and being healthy. 

Today I am including pictures of him when he was younger up through the years and finally his birthday party pictures. Enjoy!

Lil Keith @ birth
Lil Keith @ 7 weeks
Lil Keith @ 2 months
Working with Daddy on a construction project... he needed a coffee break! 
First snow!

2nd Birthday Party with older brothers

Halloween 2011
@ Anthony's graduation in July 2012

3rd Birthday Party

3rd Birthday Party

Spider Man Theme 3rd Birthday Party

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