Thursday, July 26, 2012

Magazine Subscriptions for Free!

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I enjoy reading magazines. I love collecting recipes from them and occasionally trying the neat craft ideas some of them hold. For the sake of being frugal, over the past few years, I have given up my magazine subscriptions. They were just not "needed".  You can only imagine how happy I was when I discovered ways of earning magazines online for free! This year I have received three free subscriptions to magazines that I enjoy. 

My first subscription was for "Taste of Home Simple and Delicious". I received this subscription as a reward from OpinionSquare survey site. (If anyone wants to join this site, just let me know!) 

After that subscription started I received a subscription to "Martha Stewart-Living" from RewardsGold 

The last magazine I was rewarded with was "Woman's Day". I received this magazine when I traded my points in at RecycleBank

So that is three magazines, I enjoy reading, that I have received without having to spend any of my hard earned ca$h!  Being frugal is sometimes difficult but there are ways around the obstacles if you just know where to look! 

Are their any magazine subscriptions that you would like to earn?

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