Saturday, August 11, 2012

Mates Gate is Social Networking That Pays!

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Matesgate is a social networking site designed to earn money for its members. You make friends, post blogs, create groups or join other groups, upload photos or videos, chat with other members, watch matesgate tv, or play games. You will earn credits for each of these activities. One thousand credits is equal to one cent. You easily earn one thousand credits by logging in and clicking on the sponsored links daily. 

Admin at the site has detailed blogs that will explain to you how to earn the most credits daily as members. After a member becomes a full member (100,000 credits) they will then share in the bonus pot that is divided up every three months. 

Payout is automatically on or immediately after the 16th of every month. I get my PayPal payment like clock work every month. I am now a full member so I will also get to share in the bonus pot. 
They also pay via Alert Pay as well. 

Matesgate is International! So all of my International friends and followers feel free to join!

For more FAQ's click here.

To join, click on my banner below and when you get to sign up page use my name Shellyann36 as your referral.   Please let me know when you join and your user name, so that I can assure admin credits me with your membership. 

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