Monday, July 16, 2012

Our Weekend

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We have had a very fun weekend. On Saturday, Keith got up bright and early and took the truck for a tune-up & oil change. When he got back we packed up our little cooler and the twins and went to Dr. Young's Pond Berry Farm located in Angier, NC. There were not too many blackberries left but we did get some blueberries. I tried to stay at the end of the field where the shade was because I had the twins in the stroller. It was a balmy 88 degrees outside. We really enjoyed it. I hope Keith is going to go back on Tuesday and pick us some more berries. (I would love for Keith & I to go back by ourselves and pick at least one ice cream bucket full each!)  
After picking the berries we stopped at a small butcher shop and picked up a few meat bundles and headed home to put away our goodies. 

Once we got home, got the kiddo's changed, cooled down and fed we began processing the berries. We have two quarts of blackberries and five quarts of blueberries. After finishing up the berries we repackaged the meat & put it in the freezer as well. Then it was quick showers and rounding everyone up again to go make a trip to Walmart and Save-A-Lot.

 On the way we stopped at a local consignment shop to browse around. Ended up getting Lil Keith some much needed shorts and tshirts. On to Walmart we went. Mostly just a few staples were bought there. I needed some canning jars and some Sure-Jell for making strawberry jam (out of the strawberries I picked this season). Walmart also had a clearance on some of their children's clothing.  We picked up polo shirts for the twins for $1 and an outfit each for $2. Couldn't leave Lil Keith out of the fray so we also got him a tshirt off of the clearance rack as well. After this was done it was off to Save-A-Lot to pick up more items off of my grocery list and then home to put it all away. A very busy Saturday!  

Sunday we relaxed a bit more and Sunday evening my friend Kim and her family stopped by for a visit. It was a nice way to end the weekend. I hope everyone else had a fun weekend!


  1. I love making jelley and jam. I don't preserve it but I do make it and eat it right away. Here is one of the posts I have on that.
    In fact I made some with grape juice today!

  2. Oh yes I love making jams and jellies as well. I do preserve mine. I think your apple cider jelly sounds wonderful.