Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I Miss My Lil Man!

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Grandma come to get Lil Keith today so that he could go to his cousin's birthday party. They left this afternoon at around 3:30 and I have been missing him since he got in the car and I watched them pull out of the driveway. He is my little sweetie. I think sometimes I might get too impatient with him (like when I am changing the twins and I come back into the living room and he has Thomas the Train up on top of the coffee table and is about to ride off .... I have several grey hairs from that incident! ) but he has me wrapped right around his little finger. 

 He left all of his cars and trucks lined up on that same coffee table this afternoon and I am going to leave them in exactly the same place til he gets home. The twins miss him too. Normally he keeps them very entertained. It is almost as if he is showing them what they need to do when they get older.  I am glad he is going to visit with family and have fun but I certainly will be glad when he comes home.

Lil Keith 


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    1. Thank you. He is my little sweetie and we miss him. We talked to him last night and he is having such a fun time. I love the fact that he is with family and enjoying it so much. Thanks for stopping by.