Wednesday, May 23, 2012


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"Crowdtap is a social marketing platform that finds brands' most passionate consumers and turns them into peer influencers to drive word of mouth at scale, both on and offline."  This is the description in the About section of the CrowdTap webpage. It is easy to sign up. They take a percentage of your earnings and dedicate that to a charity of your choice. I chose the Water charity. You earn points for taking quick hits (easy survey's), Tweeting and web sharing different commercials or advertisements or information about products & by trying products. 

I just recently cashed out for $20 worth of Amazon giftcards. I really enjoy this site. They are always looking for new people to join.  Check out the links below to sign up.

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  1. I found your site on Gather. This does sound really cool! I've heard of Crowd Tap, but never checked into it.

    1. Hello Theresa! Glad you stopped by. Check CrowdTap out. It is so very easy to do. I have enjoyed all of my time spent there. I cashed out for $20 worth of Amazon gift cards recently too.