Monday, May 28, 2012


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Hello there folks, today I want to tell you about a program that I have earned from. Beezag is really simple. You watch videos (commercials) and get paid for it. They are normally short and sweet. What type of video you watch depends on the general information you fill out on your profile. They try to match your profile to videos and products that you would be interested in. As you are watching the videos two numbers will scroll across the bottom, top or sides of the video and you will have to plug these two numbers in at the end of the video to prove that you did watch it. Simple and an easy way to earn cash. Also with each video there is normally some sort of discount or offer on the product that you have seen the video for. Their payout is at $8. Eight thousand points equals $8. You can get cash, donate to a charity or spend your points on music. As for myself, I prefer the cash! I have cashed out with this company and I am very close to cashing out again. I am sitting at 7,131 points right now. Give them a try. It is a good way to earn a little cash and it does not take much time from your day. My referral link is listed below.

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