Saturday, March 16, 2013

Infants' Advil Concentrated Drops Review

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I belong to Smiley360 and I was given a box of  Infants' Advil Concentrated Drops to review. These white grape flavored drops are dye free. They are commonly used as a fever reducer or pain reliever. Along with the drops to review I was given 10 coupons for $1.00 off on any Children's Advil Product.
In my household there is always a need for a fever reducer or pain reliever. I have twins that will be 17 months old this month. Elijah and Adam are very active boys.  They are constantly running and falling down as well as going through the normal every day infant drama such as teething. I have used the Infants' Advil Concentrated Drops for teething pain as well as headache pain with my boys.  The drops have also proven to be a great fever reliever as well. No teething pain is complete without the fever to go along with it.
I really like the fact that Infants' Advil Concentrated Drops are dye free and gives relief from pain and fever for up to 8 hours. The white grape flavor was also a big plus. I always taste test products before giving them to the boys. The white grape flavor was not too sweet and it did not leave the bitter after taste in my mouth that is common with most drops.  Needless to say, the twins had no problems taking it.  The drops went to work fast relieving pains and fevers.  Our household is very happy with the Infants' Advil Concentrated Drops for fevers and pains that seem to happen frequently in our home. I will buy Infants' Advil Concentrated Drops for my twins and I will recommend this product. 
Several of my friends and family have taken advantage of the $1.00 coupons but I still have two left. If anyone is interested in receiving one, I will gladly mail one to you.
Below is pictures of the kit I was sent by Smiley360 and a picture of Adam when he fell into the coffee table. The poor thing is not as balanced on his feet as I would like for him to be. This little episode caused a major headache for the poor fella.

Infants' Advil Concentrated Drops worked great for my little one's! You should give them a try!

Infants' Advil Concentrated Drops & Coupons
Adam and one of his many boo-boo's!

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